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- I’m not talking about sex, it is very different as you can. You do every weekend me and glazeesh anything, because I want to protect you from mistakes.

It is better than you touch me then treated for any illnesses, and when you want to have children and a family that you find yourself a decent girl. After all I am to you so dressed in the evenings, so you do not stare at girls and not obscure done woes.
- Well Mom, I understand.

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- I hope you’re not who you say about it, and if you’re a good girl, I’ll call you into the bathroom, as quite an adult, and you namoesh me and I you. You will see how pleasant it. You with any girl will feel no such promise me not to bring her.
- Okay, Mom, I promise.

- Now you can go and touch me, come on, why do you want these girls when you have a mother, because I love you? – Marina stood up and beckoned Dima, then she took off her robe and asked her son to undo her bra.
Dima with words – Yes mam, very much, you are very beautiful! quite deftly undid the bra and put one hand on her breast and the other reached into cowards.

- There’s no need my son, I did not let only the breast and ass, okay. Or do you also need to take off my clothes, I, too, want to touch you, you’re an adult, you do not mind? – Marina and began to undress her son.

A minute later he stood before her completely naked, with aloft excited youthful member. – Now you can take off my panties and see there! – They stood on the middle of the kitchen.
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