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Sex chat no sighn up web site. Everybody thought that we broke up because Simon had another woman. But it was not so.
The other woman was not the worst. I know it sounds disgusting, but I would dismiss it. – Condemn Simon she did not have any right.

Yes, he gave his body to another woman, so what? Did she not give soul to another man?
- And then what? – Lionel said.
Essie shrugged.

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- I’ve never been happy in marriage, but she thought that marriage – it is forever. In addition, Simon is always so apologetic, always trying to make peace. But the money … – Essie felt against her will, her eyes filled with tears and shook her head. – I could not bear the debt.

I could not live like that. I kept thinking about it, worried, nervous. All the time. – She laughed again sad bitter laugh. – All I wanted was to not have to worry about money again and again. But I naively thought that if divorce him, my problems are over.

Nothing like that. In Australia, the couple’s property – and hence the debt – is divided equally between them. Simon took his half and immediately declared himself bankrupt.
Lionel took her by the chin and forced to lift the face.
- But you did not.

- No. If I filed for bankruptcy, I would have taken away the store.
- You once made this decision?
Surprise she jerked her head.
- Of course.

Shop for me.
- No, – he shook his head. – The store was all for your grandmother. He was for Eleanor, Judith and Polly. But not for you.

- What are you talking about? I love …
- No, you do not love this store. Do you love your employees, but not his.

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