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“Looks cool …” I laughed, “Relax dear! Think while you’re in this life did not correct, try to realize all my mistakes, and you’ll understand why this was in a position to feed ….

And I’m not going to, it will be a lesson to you! Wife come to feed, of course, if it wants to do after such a betrayal … ”
I closed the door to the room and decided there is no longer come back until the next day.

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I spent the night on the big comfy couch in the morning took Jacuzzi, slowly ate and checked pervert who quietly lying on the floor in the same position delved into the essence of smell socks wife. It is something out there, “mumbled,” but I was absolutely not interested in it, so I closed the door to the room.

I took his phone and called his wife:
“Hello! Marina S.! ”
“Yes! And who are you? ”
“Your husband wanted you to change me, but I did and now he tied, bound, sniffing your socks dirty laundry. You leave him on bail.

When you enter the apartment, look at his video phone, before his release. Do you understand me? ”
“I got it! And who are you? ”
I’m off, then put the phone in a conspicuous place in the hall, for the wife of a pervert. I got dressed and again to see him:
“Well, my dear, yet!

Wait favorite .. “I said and gently slapped his palm on the pope.
I came out of the expensive home, said goodbye to the guard at the exit and drove to the station.
Chapter 2
I arrived at the hotel at three o’clock, and was ready to walk in St.

Petersburg, but there happened to me one of the worst experiences of my life. Sex chat gay masterbate.

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