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“There. Champagne!” – I replied.
“Well, pour me” – said his wife.
“Well, you’re still a chat here, and I’ll get it in the kitchen” – I said.

I went into the kitchen, opened the champagne glass filled and refilled with vodka. When I returned with a glass, wife Kutmanom talking.
I raised a toast “for beautiful ladies,” we drank beer Kutman, and the wife of champagne and vodka.
Cheeks flushed wife.

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I brought another beer and two glasses of champagne with vodka and offered to play cards.
“And what do we play?” – Asked his wife.
“Let’s strip? Loser disclaims thing optional winner” – I suggested.
“Are you crazy?

Against I” – said his wife, which is not yet fully acted alcohol.
“And I for” – I say – “how are you, Kutman?”
“I, too, for”
“Do not worry, darling, you’re doing fine. And then, I’m there, that’s for another drink”
“Well” – wife agreed.

In the first games lost and won Kutman wife.
“What to shoot?” – The guy asked
“You know, under your jersey unlikely I’ll see something new. Single Take your shorts” – said his wife suddenly.

Kutman took shorts and stayed in his shorts.
Wife, his eyes wide open staring at Kutman briefs. And it was from that.

Despite their large size, the farm Kirghiz they clearly did not fit and head sticking out.
We drank again and continued to play.
In the next game again won and lost Kutman wife.
“What to shoot?”
“Cowards!” – Answered already drunk wife.

Kutman pants and took of them jumped dick! It was not even a dick and a huische! 25 centimeters long and very thick.

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