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Kate closed her eyes.

And I sucked at it, caressing tongue and fumbled around sucking. Immediately right thumb I began caressing her inside, on one hand I have oozed its moisture index lay anal ring and with each movement sought to penetrate deeper.

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Gradually he turned the whole inside and I felt how thin partition divides my fingers. Kate helped set the rhythm, his hands and his whole body. We moved faster and faster, her moans were louder, and then it shook short seizures.

She came and squeezed my legs hand, my most any slight movement echoed in her body shudder. I could just as smoothly and gently freed his hand, lay down beside her and put his arm around Katherine. Our breathing leveled, we both needed a little rest.

She turned on her side to face me, gently took my balls in his hand and put the other on my chest for a while and we froze …

Serge, I want you, my sweet boy – Katerina whispered and gently nipped at my earlobe, why I ran over the body murazhki, then kissed me on the lips. – Let’s have some wine – she said, letting go of my lips. Handed me a glass of wine was sweet and tart with some bright fruit flavor and seems sturdy enough.

We clinked glasses without toast. I drank to the bottom and it also drained her glass, but her he was otpit. Kate took from me again and pressed her glass to my lips, fell on his back, kissed body.

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