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Someone’s hands crept under my panties and my pussy paw. I flowed. I was excited and really wanted. I almost did not resist. His head still flashed the thought that fuck now, I would probably have not given up.

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Do not care who.
Suddenly, the door swung open and the apartment stairwell ran Lenka. She was all disheveled and red as a lobster. She looked at me.

I looked a complete fool – I stood with battened skirt surrounded by three guys and a silly smile.
-All Kate, we’re out of here immediately! Release it now! – Voice Lenka was determination and anger.
Let me go. Boys began to ask what had happened.

Lenka did not explain anything. She grabbed my arm, pushed into the hall, put on my coat, put on his coat and pulled me out. Guys are so taken aback that he did not detain us.
-Where are you taking me? – I asked when Lenka dragged me through a dark courtyard.

Then it burst.
-What are you, stupid, to climb all the peasants! No one can not miss the fly, a prostitute!

It was very late. I do not know exactly what time it was, I think about in the morning. The street was deserted.

We decided to drive to the apartment Lenka – she lived nearby.
We got up at the curb and began to vote. I could barely stand on her feet. Several cars drove past without stopping. For some reason, no one wanted to ride two girls.

Away when another car appeared, I wanted to vote. I took a couple of steps to the sidewalk, but stumbled and fell. Kerala live sex video chat.

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