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I immediately liked it that was open and she liked when she was staring teenagers.
In our class (ninth) had learned enough girls, but rather girls. We often flirted with them, but it was child’s play. Sometimes overt behavior classmates noticed the teacher in mathematics.

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One day in class, when explained Lyudmila new topic, I like thinking about something (can not remember what). And did not notice what I thought during my ass on the teacher pyrilsya. I was suddenly distracted by a sharp slap on the desk pointer.

I looked sharply at Ludmilla, she was already okalo desks. She asked me why I did not look at the board and not delve into supplements and asked, “Where are you all staring?”. I apologized, they all laughed, and began to write off the board with all the information.

Since then the fun began …
Eventually, I began to notice that Lyudmila specifically wagged his ass in front of the class, and I spontaneously already staring at her ass. She wore tight dzhinsiki then, the skirt stylish, beautiful and it certainly excited me.

I know the math sucks, and I had no brakes, decided to talk to the teacher. After talks with her, she agreed to give a few extra lessons. And she said to me over the weekend to come to her home, take the tutorial and a draft.

Coming out of the class, said that I would call her when I leave the house. Adult cam random.

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