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- What?
She smiled.
- We live in the body, in a suite on the third floor, room 33.

Will you come?
- Of course, as …
- Come on, you’re going, you bring yourself up, and half an hour approaches.

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Escort is not necessary, near here.
She rose gracefully waved me pen and went. And I stayed in neponyatkah. How is “half an hour”?
Is that a blueprint for sex?

Or disassembly in the presence of a spouse? Tended to first. And because matanulsya quickly enough to the house, took a shower, change clothes, brushed my teeth, and here.

Go with empty hands – not good like that. No flowers, no wine bar, beer, already there is only vodka. As a true fan of this product, nor brandy, nor temple we did not have. I had to take her home.

Why I do not doubt that she was drinking vodka, and if necessary, perepet and me and the guy. In short, exactly half an hour, I knocked on the door marked 33.
She opened almost immediately. In a white robe with a towel on his head.

- You also punctual – she missed me forward, and closed the door.
Suite so so helpful, nice room in the four star hotel. The room is lit nightlight on the table and juice glasses, as if she knew what I come, I have a big bed without a veil, but still made.

Valera was no light in the bathroom did not burn, and where he is, I suddenly do not care. I was all in anticipation of sex. But did not know how to start, did not know what to do, no matter what “to frighten.”
- I think we just have a drink later, huh? – She asked.
- Sure.

- Piquant situation, and that would defuse the situation … Lıve cam chat sex.

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