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Crocodile nodded in agreement.
- Then you have to earn your dinner. – And the show started.

Program it almost does not differ from yesterday except that this time Mademoiselle Alla skated on a crocodile sitting in his open mouth mandibular gracefully bent sideways and crossed his legs, shaking his slippers on weight and with a smile waving handle public tightened in black mesh glove, while adhering to a different handle in the upper jaw of a crocodile. Crocodile stoically endured all this, doing all the tricks required of him.

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But now finally exhausted the program performance and trainer announces final death room. Under the drumbeat and crocodile wrangler diverge on opposite ends of the arena, and muzzle are turning to each other and and freeze. Drums subside.

Trainer shouts
- Finally greet our incomparable mademoiselle Alla and our insatiable Croc!
The audience applauds and shouts of delight, nods and crocodile jaws, Alla gracefully bows and sends kisses to the audience obolstitlnoy smile.
- Ready? – Asks the trainer.

Crocodile nods and stops in front of Alla. Alla removes head of feathers and plumes. passing his trainer says pleasant breast golosom6
- I’m ready!
- Come together! – Trainer shouts, waving a hand.

Under the roar of drums Alla alarming and crocodile moved toward each other, one to be in the mouth, the other to swallow it. Alla is a top model gait around the arena, as the runway, shaking his hips and loudly tsokaya heels shoes on the plates covering the arena with a smile, looking straight into the jaws of a crocodile unbuttoned quickly creeping forward. Girls for sex chat gmail.

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