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Gay chat cam2cam. I thought it would be like in the movies about love, but it turned out it is not so. Suddenly ass burned pain – big dick abruptly entered my narrow hole.

Tears gushed from my eyes, I screamed. Dick started slowly and then faster move in me, bringing both pain and pleasure. Soon the pain became less and I began to listen to the feelings.

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I felt like a member of all gut, with every movement. It seemed to me that he can get to my navel. I began to moan. First softly, then louder and louder. At me as if attracted waves.

Maxim suddenly stopped. I puzzled looked back at him.
- You do not want to tell me stuff?
- The host?

- Ask me a slut!
- I beg you, Master, continue to fuck me in the ass his beautiful cock. I love it.

- On one condition.
- How, Master?
- Now I horoshenechko fuck you in the ass so that you will be at least two days to remember. While you will be as well to recall how you suck my dick and I fucked you in the mouth.

I want you to understand that you are no longer a virgin. Tomorrow you’ll wake up a woman who was enjoying. Now tell me, do you want to get rid of the formal end of virginity?
- Boss, I’m your bitch!

You can do whatever you want with me. I do not want to be Tselkov, I want you to fuck me wherever you want and whenever you want!
Maxim smiled. Now it did not seem that his nasty smile. It seemed to me that I love this man, who is only half an hour ago was for me a freak.

Max continued to fuck me in the ass. I was very good, I was smiling. Again a wave of …

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