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Freevideo chat sx. Wanted to give you a nice, he said, and looked down resentfully. Thank you so much Roma, I gave him his hand and walked toward the house.

Please heard from behind, I turned to him, but he got into his car and began to move off ahead, looking me in the trail.
Entering the house, I undressed, put the kettle to boil, put in a cup of sugar, coffee, sat down and waited for the hot water, put his hands on the kettle and warming them, thinking about Roma.

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Thought so much that did not notice that the kettle tripped, and I do not even burned hands. Just remember the words of Roma in the car, why do I have cold hands all the time, now they were warm, but not from the kettle, and from love.

Sipping coffee, I took a shower, gathered linen, washing machine loaded, but as luck would have ended washing powder, not a good idea to do your laundry, air-conditioned one. Also, ask how the powder from a neighbor, I had no choice, because to go to the store for one pack is not wanted.

I got dressed and went to the house to Svetlana Gennadevne.
Good morning, neighbor rescued, washing powder, I jokingly said, as he stood, shaking from the cold, though after a shower is a bad idea to go out.

The body has not had time to cool down, not enough yet to get sick before the New Year and holidays. Good morning Dima, of course, help out, I will not forget how you rescued me, buying me food when I was sick and could not go outside.

Come have a cup of tea, she said, and pulled me into his house. The house was warm and cozy, I relaxed and under a sense of warmth and fragrant smell of freshly baked buns. Freevideo chat sx.

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