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- Oh, mother uchuet – kill!
- Yes it is not a little uchuet, by the way guys called them, there is also a girl, so see if that went, beer will be served!

Oh, this Masha, beer and boys its weakness. I was afraid to return to them, (a shame as it was for his trick) and invited her to go alone. She excuses, but I convinced her that I wanted to have just one walk.

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In general, dispersed. I put in fear again and leggings and bra (trusiha-a-a!!), Came from the territory of another way in through the fence, wandered around a bit small next to the line, thinking about her as I thought misconduct.

Half an hour later I calmed down, even after fifteen minutes again wanted to undress! Yeah, definitely need to change! We must stop as that shy people, and for this, I thought, we should spend more time in front of them naked.
Just then!

But where? And to whom? And in what way? Here in front of my friends? You can start with them, Masha treated as normal, even great!

If so, for example, to call her to visit when the Nurse will not be naked and hang out, option? Option! Katka – best friend, that’s just upset, but it is probably due to the small sister, or may raise such Dunno.

And if, for example, in front of the boys, who only normal that will not come back immediately to stick, so for example Bear – nerd, of course still that (my classmate), but we have with him is very good friendships.
It will definitely be fun posmuschat him his half-naked (or naked) appearance!

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