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- Well Ruslik! Well, do me a favor.
- Went to the forest you! No – I said.

If you there is scratched, then go on better sdrochni Faina Sergeevnu naked.
- Well-en The channels … I’d like …

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- Figushki. Hole drilled into the female shower and watch from there.
- Whether you are a friend. I’ll never ask for anything I will not!

And now – let’s …
- What’s it called?
- What’s it called?
- Well, that’s all you want to do now.

Put me down, huh?
- Why omit? Nobody is going to be omitted.

If you want, call it simply – love in the ass. That’s all.
- Yeah, like … Are you kidding?

Love is not so.
- What do you think?
- I do not know. Only not so fond of the way you want.
- Love in every possible, amigo.

- # Oh light sensitivity thought. Why do not love then Tsvetikova, amigo? Not like when I suggested it.
- What are you harping – Faina S., Tsvetikov …

Now all the friends in the order listed?
- No.
- What is not?
- Not listed.
- Tsvetikov – is another, you understand.

Tsvetikov – dolt last yap and sneak, so it is better not to get involved.
Keshka silent. I, too, was silent, waiting for what he has to say.
- What you break like a woman?

Worse than women. Forever you need to beg. So we will not fall for dinner.
He stood in the shower with an absurdly bloated member, all of a such a large and unhappy.

I even feel sorry for him was. And after such further klizmischi freestyle game does not seem to me quite so objectionable. One thing less obscene, one more – what now, in the ass, is the difference?

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