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I do not even know how many times I was flying that night. Just know that it lasted half an hour. Last time we finished with a neighbor at the same time as a couple. I still remember the feeling of the abyss into which I was flying. We have about anyone and anything not think.

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That evening we were happy.
But all good things must end. Time coming to 12, and I spent a neighbor home.

Did not have time for him to knock on the street door, the husband came. He handled my interest rastrahannoy, red with shame and fucking pussy and asked in astonishment, and you do not fuck? I told him how it was said that a neighbor twice and I kept a lot, but there is not a drop spilled.

While I was told, he stroked my crotch, and I wondered where all go? From all this, he was so excited that as a neighbor for the first time, immediately finished. We hugged each other and went to sleep. Husband slipped his hand between my legs and we slept well.

A 2 night he woke me up, there was a whole world under puddle. And wet sheet, and planted a towel, and I was there all wet. It was the second surprise. When we obmylis and wiped her husband wanted again.

We were almost finished at the same time and slept. And in the morning we woke up again in the same puddle. Such earlier or later no longer there.

Neighbor began to fuck with me almost every day. And on March 8 husband invited him to come to us and fuck with me at any time. Dirty phone chat.

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