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Chat free 6. Then I climbed up on a bench and looked out the window above the door that.
- Well, who’s there?
- Quiet! – I cried.

In the silence I pull their socks up and deafeningly loud shot.
- Joke – I laughed. At other times and in other circumstances brother would certainly slapped me upside the head.

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- No one. False alarm triggered. And if it was Faina, our vospitalka? A Keshka?

I imagine … “Well, what are you boys doing?” – “Friend of a friend in the ass to take turns fucking. And that can not be really? And we do not know-a-ali … ”
- Hush you, yap corn – Keshka hissed. – Yelling so we’re probably around the camp now heard.

Keshka took the bench and dragged her out of the changing room in the shower:
- Let’s better here. There will be quieter. All, stop the buzz, go back to the starting position.
He lay still, exposing her bare ass.
- Well insert the same dig what you’re there, as lifeless?

And now someone else in the shower will be secured.
What could I do? Somehow I stuck the hose again Keshka ass, buckled overhang to our watering, and then began to irrigate copiously with water from his insides this strange device.
- Oh! – Said Keshka pretty. – It gets busy.

Parodynia rectum began.
When watering devastated exactly half, beginning with Keshka something happen: all it became strangely koryachitsya impatient jerk legs to lift and lower the ass.
- That’s enough to pour already Ruslik! – Finally he pleaded. – I can no longer hold water.

Omit watering down to the floor.
I lowered – and all the water that I just poured Keshka hole, immediately rushed back again, in a watering can. Chat free 6.

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