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Total free video chat. Wirth plaid of course, but not risk showing off to someone else, she was afraid. This morning it was very hot, the parents went to work. I lay in bed naked and looked at some porn noutu already wet was lazily stroked her nipples, they were such tverdenkie.

Hand clamped between the legs, rubbing herself. Suddenly the doorbell rang. I completely forgot that today was supposed to come the best friend of our family, a classmate’s father Igor. I shut the laptop, pulled a white T-shirt and athletic shorts and ran to open the door.

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- hello uncle Igor! – I opened the door.
- Hi Anya – he leaned over and kissed me on the forehead. – That your yet? They promised to come back earlier today that …
- I do not know, I think will come soon …

Come on in, they wait …
Until he takes off his shoes, I spun in front of the mirror and grabbed his matted hair was still dark in a ponytail, a few strands vybilos and fell on face.

Noticed in the reflection that the nipples sticking out obscenely shirts, blushed, but it seems Uncle Igor did not see it. I invited him to a large room and invited parent laptop that would be something he could busy himself. Igor turned movie.

I entered the room recalled its request.
- Damn, completely forgot, mom will kill me! I also need to water the flowers.
- Yeah, mom can – he laughed.

W ran to the kitchen for water and began to water the flowers. On the windowsill, on the shelves. Stood on tiptoe to the wardrobe trying to get somewhere very top shelf stood a flower.

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