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Lost all brakes, to my mind came the desire to obscure the huge cock of a young Arab was there.
- Mash, accept another on board? – I humbly asked, already ready no matter what get a slap for such a thoughtless and vulgar bid.

- What do you mean? – Masha asked, taking out a member of the Arab Sasha’s mouth.
- How about anal sex?
- You want this black cock was in my ass?
- No offense, but at the moment I want – I replied quietly, blushing.

- If you offered me this half an hour ago, I would have filed for divorce, but now I want everything! – Said Masha took off the nightstand hand cream. Forcing him on the hand she has covered them dark dick Arab and his asshole.
- Sasha, do you want me in the ass – Egyptian wife suggested.

- Truth can not joking? – Disbelief, he said.
- In pussy can not – it only for my husband and refuse in the ass – a little smile, said Masha.
Masha even more fell on me that her ass was affordable. Masha protruding nipples have buried me in the face.

I sucked them in turn. Masha loved it! Egyptian Sasha meanwhile fell in behind my Masha and directed his cock in her narrow asshole.

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