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Sex chatno registration. I was shown a conservatory with exotic tropical plants and fruit-bearing. Our tour ended in the structure located within walking distance from home.

Kennel located here.
The kennels 11 males and 3 females. Species were varied: two Rottweilers, three dogs, two of Newfoundland, German and Alsatian dogs, bobtail, greyhound and three Russian hounds. Each dog was placed in a separate pen.

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Three females: Rottweiler dog and Newfoundland were located in the far corner of the kennel.
-Rottweiler dog and I started estrus – said Alexander, – so keep them away from the dogs, that they should not worry.
-Today you will serve us in turn. Priority will be distributed as a prize in poker.

And now let’s go, let’s have dinner.
We went into the living room, where there was covered table at which sat two other men about the same age, 40 years on, only one had a thick black hair, and the other was shaved.
During lunch male attention to me almost did not pay.

They talked about their own affairs: price, policy, and only once, when they began to discuss what should be a respectable chief secretary, brunette asked me: “Tell me we Lena whether secretary to push the legs before the boss or not ? ” I do not know what to say and mumbled something like: “All depending on the circumstances.” They laughed and skinhead said: “It appears you have Mikhalych some circumstances, and we thought of sex!”
After dinner, they sat at the card table, where it was all prepared for the game of poker.

They sat at the table, suggesting that I take their members under the table. Sex chatno registration.

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