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I stayed in that position awaiting his fate.

At 20:17, as shown glowing digital clock, the door opened and I heard the familiar voice of his father:
“What is this, why the door is open? + What’s that?”
What happened, you’d better not to know!

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I do not know what words I uttered the first birth: “NSDAP”, “Glory to Russia!” or “National Socialism” that extremism was born just before me. With younger classes I was fond of extremism, intransigence with blacks raids on areas etc.

Movies “Romper stomper,” “Russia – 88″ and the Imperial flag was dearer to me than anything else, they have replaced me sometime “Dandy”, “Pleysteyshany”, football and other than normal guys addicted. That policy has been for me above all else, namely the goals and objectives of the local value, which I knew already from the age of 12.

I’ve always been too impressionable, as, indeed, any extremist, and therefore fought “dagami” and “Czechs” Desperate others. Emotionally loved, hated emotionally.
In 16 years, I have reached level units in 30 people.

It is in any area, and any nationalist organization is already considered the ultimate achievement, especially for my age. I wore a tacit rank of Major, and my battalion called to the area of “White Arrow”, provides immediate and frenzied strike force.
Few believe, but the events at the Manege in Ostankino I came up, feeling delicate political moment, and the first who were there, it was all of us: guys 16, 17 years of division “White Arrow”, which was headed personally I. Free chat sex website.

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