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“Come on!”
“Where are you taking me?”
“Come on! Come!”
We were going somewhere. She unbuttoned, parallel pants me.

I realized that we went to the elevator, and then she pulled down his pants and took my hand in my eggs. And then, suddenly, she squeezed them with such force that I already yelled. Where she is a snap?

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I cringe in pain, and she angry voice said in my ear, almost in a whisper:
“Look here, shit, how you lick my heels and said that I recorded on video, now send out to friends. And if I do not like something, then this video will look all your people!

Everything you understand?”, Then it is particularly squeezed my poor eggs, “If that’s all shall see, it is not just going to cock, you will be mainly Russian cock. Do you understand! Now you’re going to do everything I tell you. Understood?

If touch at least someone in the area , I do not envy you! Yes, and more! You take their monsters and make me to testify on Saturday, I’d say! Believe me, there’s a lot of work! ”
Then she let the eggs and kicked me with his foot on her bare ass, I flew to the chute, added: “The home dodrochish”.

Having said this, she went first slammed the iron door of the elevator, and then he heard her door and cotton. Within 20 minutes I cut the rope on the cover of “trash” and went home.

So we did the cottage on Saturday, allegedly grandfather Seraphim, again allegedly mentor Russian nationalists, which, apart from my imagination has not been seen.
And to the question “Where in the summer house photo black?” I confidently replied “Victims” Chat live mature.

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