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Cam chat 1on1. I fell exhausted on a warm body, and stuck his face in the chest.
When he came to, the first thing that I felt that I was lying on something alive and warm.

Sitting up, I found myself lying on their own, just devoid of innocence slave. Her chest rose and fell calmly, she slept …. I got out of it, the sun was shining in all, all the servants went and we were alone.

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Her body and face were visible dried up a drop of sperm, blood stains between his legs, a little leather palely from blood loss. North near her head, I pulled the blindfold, leaning, licked the remnants of sperm on her lips, then kissed them.

Her reddened eyes opened, not yet departed from the dream, she looked surprised and startled me. I whispered – “Welcome to the world of passion and debauchery”
Calling servants, I ordered untie and put in order, and at night to send me to the bedroom ….

She was just 17 years old, he – 23. They met as usual at a birthday party of a mutual friend.

Then he almost never saw a girl of medium height with long black hair. Her features are very correct, plump lips on background big blue eyes. Unusual beauty, such Woman are very rare. Lena figure (the name of this girl) God has not gone round.

She was not thin, not thick, it was sexy and graceful. Cheerful, funny, tender, in a sense, even a special girl. Indeed if he had not betrayed the significance of this young lady.

His account was enough curvaceous ladies who on the morning after another night ran without a trace of yesterday’s pleasures. Cam chat 1on1.

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