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I fucked all three. “Worked” and my pussy and ass. Conceding me around, they calmed down and left me alone took up her husband.
They put it on the table face down and tied his hands and feet to the legs of the table, so it was like a crucified frog.

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He began to rebound. His face was swollen and represented one big bruise. Eye can not be seen. I was forced to restore the language of their dicks, and they take turns fucking my husband. He did not resist.

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I’m so tipsy that has lost all sense of reality.
Orgy lasted all night. By morning, they were tired and left me alone.

The next day we woke up late. I was covered in blood and semen. My hole bleeding. I was told that my rapist (they never knew it – my husband) night I longed to join the orgy.

I do not remember, but he slept on the floor and not on the table. Apparently they did not lie to me. But I did not care anymore.

Who fucked me and how I was fucked. They called a taxi and having washed a little, my husband and I went home. After this orgy I’m in the club I do not work.

I confessed to my husband that I was just arranged everything. Beat him severely – lost two teeth and broke his nose.

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