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I took her head and began to impale himself on the penis.

First slowly and not as deep, but the closer to the climax, the more I got into her throat, and movements became faster. In the end I have full fucked her in the mouth, not noticing that it becomes difficult to breathe.

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Excitation clouded my head, and I did not take anything except his own pleasure. I poured out deep into her throat and let her go. Pauline lay down and breathing heavily. Soon she fell asleep in my arms.

I feel like The thin young body in his hands, especially from what I knew it was against the rules and she’s my sister.
Every weekend, she came to me when my parents were leaving, and it was repeated again. But somehow during one of these adventures, she told me that I did so wish.

- Serge, I want the real thing.
- Are you sure?
- Yes, – she said, but it seemed to me that Pauline is not so sure.
My desire was so great that I did not pay attention to it. I tore myself away from her pussy and started kissing all over her body, nadrachivaya his penis.

When I was ready, put a gun to her her hole and slowly go. Her body tensed and she said:
- Wait … I’m a virgin.
- I know no fear.
But the panic embraced her more and more, as I moved inside.

She became abut hands on my chest and let her ask. But I was too excited to fall back. I grabbed her hands and pinned them to the bed, abruptly breaking a strong push in her virgin depths.

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