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- So what? – Asked indifferently Keshka.
- Nothing.

Found there at any counselors. Gray-brown-spotted crimson …
I stripped naked and began to rush to the dressing room and walk, jump, to go crazy, trying to hit the heel against the wall as high as possible.

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It was convenient because the clothes no longer constrain movement.
- Stay away from me – I karate! – I yelled Keshka. – Wait a leg break through the wall!
- Proshibesh, proshibesh – muttered irritably Keshka slowly undressing naked. – Now here all come running.

- Where e # utsya? – I quipped in rhyme and let the stream of hot water from the shower: – All Keshk, I went to wash.
- Wait you wash, Ruslan, still have time.

And this? – He reached into his bag and pulled out this yellow plastic watering can, which we have taken from the hall. – Please do me this, as agreed.
With these words he handed me his tools.
- Ugh, damn, just popped out of my head. Well, now I’m zaperdolyu.

Goni here unitaznye your hose, nah # y, – I said and did a brutal person, although, frankly, was in some disarray. – A rubber gloves are?
- Perebesh. It’s not important.

- Well, prepare for a quick your ass. You’re in there, in the guts, all probably long withered, in the Sahara Desert. Now the water should soak through the ass.

- Yeah, do not tell! Already sick of myself here more than load brew XLI! – Keshka said apologetically. – Just a dream and – hurry on this stuff free.

He poured out of the shower watering can full of water, then pushed away from the wall a bench and sat down on her like a horse riding sit down, and then goes belly on the seat, exposing all their intimate area. Free sex chat without sign.

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