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Free chat adult random. On the other hand, in the stowed position, he should not feel irritated when walking, running, climbing trees, from clothing, etc. Since this would lead to unnecessary fast excitation and, consequently, to the exhaustion of the nervous system.

So head covered in the normal state the foreskin, which is almost devoid of nerve endings and practically insensitive to the touch. Upon excitation of the head is greatly increased in volume and foreskin zaluplyaetsya, ie shifted back and bares head.

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Hence, by the way, the popular name of the foreskin – “dickhead.”
What happens in circumcision? While the boy was not formed completely nervous system – sexy, foreskin removal leads to the fact that the head dries up mucous, and from rubbing against clothes skin of the glans thickens and loses sensitivity.

And if it does, and regularly rub rough masculine hands, in order to bring this man to orgasm take a lot of effort. In other words, the reduced sensitivity of the head allows a man long enough to have intercourse and thus satisfy several women in the day or night. Got that?

- And I’ve experienced it?
- Never! Do not even dream. Luda me in times expel if suspect something.

I think it has something guesses.
But, I brought up my mother so that he never knew his refusal to moods, decided his achieved at any cost. To any requests and threats Vova did not react. Very much he feared the wrath of my mother, or rather lose a life.

Of course, almost all ready, he skated in clover.
And then I figured out that if his mother would drive, you lose it will be nothing and felts in retaliation, out of anger, or omitted from despair, it does not matter, it did make me a woman. Free chat adult random.

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