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Chat camsex. He promised to pay more than it could afford to the state government , and give unfettered ability to kill and rob the Indians. Absaroka that live in the valley of Aspen , according Storhema , nobody really not shake , so they are still very rich – some horse herds do not count!

Probably and gold hidden away – something gold- edge ! And women and girls Absaroka – m -th-th , Yum !
In the first hour of the night on the foaming horses returned the second batch Scouts bombshell : Ned Storhem came from Fort Ellis and just moved wade Willow Creek – with two hundred armed men .
Woke everyone up and feverish activity. A new distributed position – given the fact that the enemy four times more than expected.

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Digging a trench where hoped to sit behind stones . Where it was impossible to dig in , moved the boulders . Horses were taken to safety even further, in a secluded kanonchik .
Everyone understood the seriousness of the situation.
Go to a more advantageous position was not possible : they occupied only decent defensive line between the steep slopes along the shore of the Elk River Valley and Aspen . If they are forced to move out of the gorge , the battle will continue to have a bare plain.

Sent for help , but hope for reinforcements did not make sense – do not have time .
At dawn , after Adam sent forward additional patrols in the gorge finished final preparations for battle. Stripped to the waist warriors inflicted on his body war paint , prayed to the gods , asking for help in the upcoming battle . Chat camsex.

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