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- About money, do not worry, everything is there, and apparatus, in general, all that should be necessary in such cases. And besides, I know this is your biggest dream.
Yeah … so that dream, it’s so …

- Want to find the island ME – I said.
- What the MOU? worshiped there cows? – he said.
- Stupid. This civilization disappeared in the Pacific Ocean, or as it is called Pasifida.

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There are, of course, assumed the map and it is not accurate. Generally little evidence of its existence.
- Decided to look for your ride Pasifiru.
- Pasifidu, then just tell Mu not distort – strictly I said.

- Mean Spirited, – he said amiably.
About a month spent on fees, registration documents are then, I knew little in this, the only thing I knew that here it is happiness … how little is needed for a person to be on top of the world.
And so, I’m on board.

At first I was terribly bad, the habit, then it got better.
Evening decided to throw a party in honor of departure. Danced, laughed.

We had not a great team, still among us was a girl friend the captain, several people assistants, I let Oleg.
Dance till you drop and have been all night. Tired, I went to my cabin.

Lay. Out the window I could see the stars. I was in euphoria. Then I heard my door open.

Oleg entered, or rather I knew it was him. Or maybe I just wanted whatever it was.
It really was him, I felt his hand on my cheek.

Warm and pleasant. Then he leaned forward, and we merged in a kiss. It was intoxicating, his tongue intertwined with my tongue, for I ran wave that – it is not clear …

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