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Broadcast myself web cam. Sipping hot tea, I thought, why not, if he says this man of the U.S., such communication can for Dasha is the only way. And then in the apartment ownership, so we’re dreaming about it. To begin, I’ll talk to Dasha.

When Alex left I went to his daughter:
-Dashulya, hi.
-Hello Mom.
-What are you doing??
-Yes, so in general nothing.
-Daughter, I need to be with you seriously pogovrit.

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-What Mamul???
-You know, I was offered a deal to work on which I now think.
And I told her everything.

Initially Dasha sat with downcast eyes and said nothing. And finally asked:
-Mom, I also have a young man! What happens if he learns how his eyes I’ll watch??? And what I am, I also have a girl!?

-I think he did not know, another question dad. But I think Dad will understand when she learns why this was done.
In general, the daughter agreed to help me, provided that this does not know her boyfriend and that will not hurt.
The next day I was in the office of the head.

-Well Julia Nikolaevna talked?
-Yes, she does not mind, just as long as it will not hurt and no one will know.
-Of course nobody knows, all materials-private collection!
-Then today I invite you to her daughter for dinner and introduce you to a producer who will explain everything to you.

-By the way, put something poseksualnee so that you could otsent.
I blushed
-Well, Peter S..
Dasha evening we arrived by taxi to the restaurant. We were on the recent acquisitions and light dresses. Air and weather hostile to romance, but we were in suspense Dasha.

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