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Here Lord Haldane wiped the smile from his face and quite seriously , not to say solemnly , the daughter asked :
- So, you all right with Adam . But what about his wife ? After all, he is legally married ! I hate to say this, but we must face the truth .
- James has engaged petition for cancellation of marriage at the Vatican.

Lord Haldane’s face smoothed out .
- It’s okay, it separately. In this case, your future acquires any coherent contours.
Of course , he would have put up with long-term love affair daughter.

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However, for better light to Flora was married . Let her and ignores the high society , it is preferable to keep up appearances and not to put themselves outside a select circle .
- We intend to marry as soon as Adam got a divorce – said Flora .
- I , fortunately, have influential friends in the immediate vicinity of the Pope, – said Lord Haldane . – Remember Prendergast ? Here it is something we can help . He owes a lot to me and it is unlikely to refuse service. Well, I’m glad things are going so well.

- Yes , Daddy , all really wonderful. We stay here for a short time, and then will head to the ranch Adam.
- So, your trip to the Yucatan postponed?
- Temporarily .
- Are you sure it temporarily ?
- Do not sneer . We spoke with Adam on this topic.

It will not let my travels . And even promised to go with me as soon settle some affairs . He actually sufficiently tolerant and flexible . In short, I am very happy .
- Among other things, and Lucy loves you. This is a significant plus.
- She loves you ! – Flora and said affectionately added : – You see , Dad, all perfectly formed ! Random adult cam no chat.

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