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Man, as it turned out his name was Tim (I understood from the words of his mother “Timushka, where have you been?”) Was a tall, black hair and pumped his hands. Looked about 17 …

We went to my father’s car, so that led her mother.
I ran to my mother and cried:
- I sit with you in the front seat.
- Nick sits down with me mum Tima, and you sit down with him. – Mom said almost in a whisper.
And here we go, the road was long. I sat all the clumps so as not to hurt the guy.

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He spread his legs in front and sat near an open window.
I do not remember what happened next, I fell asleep.
When we arrived, my aunt woke Light (mother Timy).
My mom put up tents and Light, and Tim went swimming.

I also did not wait and immediately undressed. I walked behind the car and changed swimsuit. He was an old thread on panties and bra almost did not come off, but that did not stop me.

I came closer to the river and started to sunbathe. Tim sailed far away. Suddenly he shouted something not clear, I asked again:
- What did you say?
- I say go swimming!
- Ahhh ….

I ran into the water like a mad and dramatically stumbled upon something which bayonet. I screamed. Tim heard the cry of a lot faster than mothers because they had already drank themselves.

He ran up to me and took his hands. I flounder, beat his chest and shouted that he let me go. Tim brought me up to the tent and put him in it.

I lay on the pillow that was in it and started to calm down. Tent sharply stirred
and on top of something it slowly throbbing. Private webcam chatting online.

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