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There was nothing to argue.
Vovk lived in a three-room apartment with her sister and mother.

My father went under contract in the hotspot, and my brother got married and moved, leaving Kent my large room with windows to the courtyard. I immediately noticed a stack of juicy magazines lying open on the nightstand. Then my eyes fell on the computer desk.

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- Che, the mother does not take? – I smiled, poking in a bunch of private drives, remembering at the same time as I was caught watching porn.
There was noise, but eventually all was forgotten.
- Not – waved Vovk. – She looks such. Without a father, then …

- Ah – I handed understandingly. – Che-called that way?
- I want to show you something.
Vova extracted from the stack without a signature drive and stuck in the computer.

A minute later I was red as a lobster, gripping the back of the chair on which he sat and replayed Vovk options, what to say.
On-disk recording my morning masturbation in the room.
- Like activity? – As if nothing had happened asked my friend.

- Location? – Irrelevantly I managed a hoarse voice.
- Do not worry. I have many such. You have no idea who is on the record. Well, okay.

It’s not that.
Vovk turned infamous roll
uh, where I polished my count and turned to me.
- Let’s do it together. I recently saw one window diluted calf, which do not hesitate to jump naked room. Offered her watch.

In general, this all started. Being Vovka hooked, I refused him in little desires. In the beginning I felt uncomfortable, but eventually got used and even got a taste.

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