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- If you want, you can have my pussy scuzzy – I chuckled. And after waiting a moment, he added, as if nothing had happened:
- We have the second squad all the boys drochat brutally. Diman has only m ^ fya.

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Such a white dripping from him – he had seen. Superski! He and Mr. Dona # is, the whole pack, he showed us …

I swallowed.
- If you want to know our Diman already several girls throwing sticks … And then recently we have led the newcomer in the squad, so he asks, “And what is – to masturbate?” Funny, fuck!

All our boys as it started with, goat, neigh …
I spat on the floor and after a short pause felt Keshka tries to insert me into the lower opening your banana. I looked around:
- Are you with Mr. Don #? No?

Why so little? Mr. Don C # would be bitching. T # Don – is to not have children, yes, Keshk?

He grunted at me. Then I felt his hernia trying to break into my asshole. She was wet and slippery.

I fidgeted anxiously:
- Uh, gored, nah # th! We did not agree. Get in. not inside, and then I burst Ass. Hymen me not crash.
- Do not worry, all of you will Tselkov in openwork, amigo.

Just a little patience – said Keshka. And then, after a while: – Ugh, how cool! No wonder my x # y standing today in the morning, he felt …

- During fucking life gone – already eut as a woman some. It’s good, though not forced to suck … Keshka when you imagine a woman zavedesh?

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