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I wear a bra did not, because it was very hot.
A couple of times hitting the pear, I heard footsteps.
Turning, I saw Max, with interesting looking at me.
-What are you looking?

The answer was silence.
-Hearing problems? Hey, why do not you dance? What are you doing here anyway?
-Yes … train stopped – carelessly threw the guy.

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-In shirt?
He was closer to me, clearly intending to say something, but not daring.
-Hey … did you … do not go near, because I can and punch.

-He paused and smiled.
-Try it.
-Well because I’ll hit.
-Well good cheer.

Who’ll pick on his smug mug!
I took a couple of steps and turned to him.
One foot thrust to strike, I took a breath and just started to move, as he hugged me and pulled her toward him.

-You ahrenel? – I cried and tried to give him a couple of slaps, but he deftly caught my hands and squeezed them.
At this point, the guy realized that if you do not kiss her, you will regret it all your life.
A few seconds hesitation in the eyes and lips and Max passionately dug into mine.

I tried to push him away, but he held me to him with fury.
His tongue and imperiously demanding entered into my mouth, and finding my tongue began to dance with him fiery hot dance.
Before that I never kissed my knees and began podkashivatsya.

Max noticed and supported me, hugged her even tighter.
I stopped kicking and relaxed, and the pleasure of kissing has become sharper, because when I stopped struggling, then Max and loosened his grip, moving her hands on my ass.

A moment later I was forgotten and gently ran her hands through his hair, breasts pressed closer to him. Video chat sexually with strangera.

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