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I am at a loss, villages, tucked under her one leg, and she reached out somewhere. Probably for a condom.

In her hand was a kind of black thing, and Alexander pulled her (belt). Under the bed, began to appear people. Valera! On the neck collar, which end in the hand of his wife.
Shock is not called.

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Fucked up. Do not fear, do not panic – namely fucking.
Getting out of bed, Valera knelt near, put his hands in the abdominal area, and only looked at the floor.

- Honey, look how scared you are our guest. – She spoke quietly and calmly, as a matter of course. – He even had an erection for me is gone.
What the hell erection! I became impotent!

- Help him mouth.
- Sash, me – he stammered, – I’m uncomfortable. He, after all …

- Honey, my kaki you eat comfortably, and make the person well – no? – And she pulled the leash.
Realizing that now is, I do not know how to behave. Woman! She leaned toward me and kissed, first simply, then passionately.

Thus she was hiding from me kind of event, and left field for him. And he began to act. And by the way, is not shy.

Feels – master.
Yes, to hell with him. In the end, I will not fuck (hopefully) well, sucks and sucks and fuck him I was not going. And they have such a relationship in the family, so to hell with them. Overall, I walked away fast enough, did not expect.

Kissing a woman! You can go and make concessions. I again started, and Sasha noticed it. Pushed him aside, lay down, as before, and pulled me to him.
- Possible to me – she whispered – and, without heroism ….

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