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- I’m leaving now, too – said Sergey. I hope the conversation that took place now, just between us – he asked.
- Sergey course, this is out of the question – I answered.

It seemed strange that so quickly Sergei began to take action to get rid of my influence on Anton. Why he decided that Anton I also propose to sleep for the sake of classification. I think Sergei something not telling this story.

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Do I have the right to have to stop communicating with someone with whom I really nice to talk to, despite the fact that this person is younger than me and is a student at the institution where I teach? Me this question was left overnight.
The next day, I noticed that Anton was not a lecture.

Could not he do something about yesterday Sergei conversation. Is it worth it to take a plunge and ask other students Anton phone number, if it does not cause suspicion among them. Thoughts on the head and flew like alarm bell in the heart did not leave me indifferent to the absence of Anton.

- And why do you now so little – I asked the audience. I do not see Anton Barsky, he usually does not miss a lecture, something happened to him, does anyone know? – I tried to ask one question after another, to divert suspicion from himself to my excitement.

- Anton will not be for a week, he got sick – said the guy who always sat next to him in the back row.
- Poor thing, Anton took my lecture, and there was stuff to date, we will solve this problem – I asked, and he became even more worrying for Anton.

In the audience was laughter and all as one began to extol Anton, he delivered them from the torment of the group to listen to a lecture and write. Sexchat roulette online cam.

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