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Rando video chats. I’m all on emotions ran home told my mom that I was going to Costa drives record, took a couple of drives.
He met me, has got into the house.

I did not know what to do in my face flushed with shame.
-Where do we start? – Asked Kostya came up behind me and hugged me. I whole chicken
-I do not know! -
-Do not be afraid everything will be fine!

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He started stroking my shoulders britelki my dress slid his hands continued to caress her shoulders falling forward to grudi.Plate continued to crawl on his hands moee chest. nipples immediately hardened, his touch was such priyatnymi.Vot my dress fell to the floor and I was standing before him in his thin trusikah.On turned me to him and kissed her on the lips of his hands were caressing my ass – it was so nice, I gradually took herself nachada him undress.
Kostya then put me on the bed undressed completely and I saw his penis in blizi.On took my head and pushed to the penis in a tight.

-I do not know how to do it!-I said
-Take his lips, smooth tongue and start sucking.
I touched his lips to the penis, it was so soft and tender skin, taste good and have it sosat.Koste liked it.

Then he stopped, laid me down on the bed and started to pull my panties, so he opened my smooth crotch and my pisechka. He started kissing my feet raised higher and higher and then I felt his breath pussy then his tongue started to do such nice things with my pussy, and when I touched the clitoris lost her head.

I ran the whole, he started kissing my stomach, my chest skazhdym papilla he was playing tongue, but I started thinking about what was going to happen and how I get hurt. Rando video chats.

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