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- “Come give me a hug for the priest.” Thrilling voice I whispered Vadik going blzhe.
He sat on the edge of the couch and passionately embraced me with his face buried in my tummy. I felt like he was breathing heavily and his hands stroking my ass.

His hands gripped my hips, felt cut between halves assholes stretched their fingers wide and found a treasured razebannuyu hole anus. Fingers he was pleasantly tickled my sphincter not deeply penetrating inside my rectum. From such a buzz I closed my eyes.

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And then I felt like pushing his fingers in the hand something hot pierced sharply in my razebannoe point.
- “Uh-xx-x!! Shit-I-I-I-I!! “Wailed I gritting his teeth from the buzz.

Someone passionate and unceremoniously threw me from behind his dick to its full length. Pubic hair tickled the tender flesh around the sphincter. Grabbing Vadik hair I looked back.

It brutalized lust Dimochka fucked me from behind then taking his dick completely from the rectum, then planting the most eggs.
- “You’re a whore, a slut, a whore-ah-ah-ah-ah! Whore, bitch! What an ass! Damn!

Fucking hole-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah …! “He shouted hugging my full body, running his hands under my boobs. Each time his push my boobs plopped it on a full stomach, then a person Vadik. What would Dima could to fuck me even deeper, I bent down and put her hands on the couch.

Snarling he firmly grabbed my hips and pushed his dick in my ass even deeper! Vadik bottom squeezed my tits and sucking nipples. “Oh, how still missing a couple of good huechkov, in the mouth and pussy,” I thought. Masterbate chat.

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