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When we went to a restaurant at a table waiting for us, Peter S. and black.
-About what kind of people, let me introduce Joachim Kessef.

-Yulia N., and this is my daughter Dasha.
Joachim looked around, he obviously liked it fell our figures and evening dress.
Went further series of questions, which mainly related to the practice of having sex and preferences.

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Since the questions were in English Dasha did not understand, I can say was responsible for both of us. At the end of Joachim put contract on the table and asked me to sign and Dasha. We dutifully put our signatures.

In conversation took Peter S.:
-Yulia N., tomorrow night at the restaurant waiting for you with your husband tell him that it was an invitation from the Chairman of the Board.
At the same time we have left, and the next night the same elegant, but accompanied by our dads were in the specified location.

At this time, Peter S. was one. He greeted us:
-Charming family.
-Thank you very kindly.
-Propose a toast to your girls.
Novikov addressed to Sergey.

And knowing that my husband does not drink, and I like the way he handed him a glass of dry French wine. Sergey initially refused, but then took a sip. After 15 minutes of talking, we began to notice that something is not right, Sergei, he some slack.

Peter S. volunteered to hold it and put in a call a taxi. We did not mind. But the intrigue still remain.

After that, Peter S. came back and said that the car waiting and we need to go. We went out and got into the car moved on toward evening streets of the city. Hot live cams chatting randomly.

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