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I then just went to the fifth grade, my world began to fill with deliberate actions and concepts, what and how, and the like …

In early July, the elder brother brought me to visit the brother of my mother, whom I had the first time. My uncle had a son younger than me for four years, and his name Makar.
This summer was especially hot. The sun was beating down in buckets, like somewhere to hide from the unbearable heat.

We always all wrong: that hot bad, cold – not portable – tried to scold weather …
For me, the sun has always been a test, I always burn and did not know how to hide from the sun.

At this time I was lucky enough to stay with native uncle, who lived in the ancient city of Russia that lies on the banks of the river Volga. I’m only here could really see the greatness of the biggest river in Russia. The embankment of the expensive beach barely visible.

River water glistens in the bright rays of the sun, and the moon at night plays its water surface. Free no registration 1on1 cam chat.

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