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Free lesbian webcam. I just hate it, and want to protect me from the fate of this man.
- Anton, I said I’d help you. But you must be strong and sturdy, because you’re not like everyone else, I would very much like to have a son like you.

But our life sometimes brings about changes in plans, and not always work out the way we want it. Recovering and gaining strength through the week waiting for you at the lectures. I’ll try to warn all teachers about why you do not.

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With Sergei, I also speak, and then you can expect that you will not meet him in my life.
The next day I invited Sergei after work to sit in a cafe. He agreed. When we came in and sat down at the table, I asked him: – Sergei, what do you want in return, to leave Anton alone forever?

- Andrew, and you’re quick-witted – he replied. I want you to be mine.
- But, as Anton, at the last meeting, you told me that you love him – I asked doubtfully
- Anton I need only for sex, nothing more, especially since he does not love me, and I’m not ready to accept the decision, to provide him, he is still a child, and then he wanted more from me.

And you already own, and the more we’re right for each other – said Sergey.
- What are you son of a bitch, are using Anton only for pleasure, and how do you know that I love you? We even did not have with you? Let’s say that I agree, as you will do more – I asked.

- Andrew, I watch you and Anton, though, something so hooked, that just can not understand what? If you give a positive response, I transferred to another high school and leave for another city. Free lesbian webcam.

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