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All this time Natasha looked not looking straight into my eyes and could not stop smiling.
Wildness very bad situation reached my consciousness, clouded besides nowhere who took excitation.

Moisten the eyes and with the participation of the heartbeat, I continued to look at what is happening.
And my friend in the meantime moved from Natasha’s neck to her lips. She did not resist, meekly allowing him kiss her passionately.

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Igor began publishing hushed satisfied moans while making his torso unambiguous motion, pressing their genitals hidden under trousers to her crotch, covered only in a thin piece of matter. I noticed that she began to wag his hips slightly, trying to Spend on bulging out of his pants up the hill (in the.

That she had stuck out, I had no doubt). His hands cupped Natasha’s ass, and it seemed to me, even climbed fingers under her panties.
I do not know what forces kept me on the spot!

These two are kind of like me and quite an attention-it did not pay, as if she’s not my girlfriend, but he’s not my best friend. My chest was raging storm, which sought to rip me off and throw righteous anger at the offender. But another force, quiet and lewd, tempted me to stay in place.

Apparently Igor has excited so much that he was simply not care about the consequences, and he fell on top of Natasha, placing it on the table and slender legs thrown over his shoulders. She first made an attempt to resist, shyly trying to get up and stand up.

- Well-at … – Her voice very hesitantly announced the reluctance to continue the game. Video chat free adult.

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