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They made love – several times , slowly , gently. And fell asleep in each other’s arms under a dark high-arched cloudless skies .
And in the morning , Adam held her head when she spewed out their own food . Flora was so weak that he could not repel it.

He brought his hands to her back to the lodge from the nearest bushes , which she darted right after breakfast .
- Oh, God ! Just what I was afraid – he said , as pale as she . – Cholera stuck in you – and that’s manifested . Fortunately , we have a drug Dr. Potts.

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I’ll be there until you recover.
Yes, all the plans have to change . Ned Storhem wait , is not going anywhere . And before returning to Musselshell he will send scouts – learn how great force Storhema .
- It’s not cholera, – said Flora , gradually recovering . – Yesterday morning I had the exact same attack, but Spring Lily gave me an infusion of herbs – all passed.

All day I felt fine. Cholera , when gripped , not letting go. Kindly make me a cup of tea . And to add more sugar. Spring Lily says that sugar is the main thing .
Flora slightly shrugged helplessly .
- Honestly, believe weak … I do not know what to say.

One thing is certain : it is not cholera. My skin is pink, no dryness , voice sat down , nausea only in the mornings . When Spring Lily draw some conclusions from this , I strongly disagree .
- What is the conclusion ? – Adam inquired cautiously .
- The usual conclusion . Morning sickness – a characteristic feature . But I said nothing like me can not be …

- So you told her that you can not have children ? – Said Adam .
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