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Situs live sex. Then he filled the second. When she turned away for a moment from his glass, I poured her some more vodka into a champagne that was stronger.

Lenka drank a second glass in one gulp, did not even notice. Lenka then poured himself again and again. I did not interfere with her, on the contrary, a few more times to pour vodka in her champagne.

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Gradually, I began to notice that her tongue began to totter. Her eyes were glassy, they disappeared any expression appeared emptiness and meaninglessness. In conversation, she screws up expressions such as “mother-peremat” than just put in the shock of my staff.

Guests began to slowly disperse, but it was impossible to drag Lenka – she continued to pour myself and tried toasts. Finally I managed to persuade her that it was time to go home.
Lenka could hardly stand on his feet.

I dragged her to the wardrobe, put it on her beautiful short coat, then hand pulled from the restaurant. Lenka just could not stay on his feet, and as we walked to the parking lot, she fell three times in the snow. Every time I had to raise it and shake off.

At the entrance stood a few machines. I voted, but only the third driver agreed to take us. I sat in the back seat Lenka, she sat next to the driver.

I decided to take Lenka to her apartment – the good, to go near.
On the way Helen became ill and vomited inside the car. The driver was terribly indignant.

He stopped the car and demanded that we pay him for the dry cleaning of the cabin, it’s worth fifty bucks. Situs live sex.

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