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In the morning , when she made her pleasant discovery , changing clothes in the bushes alder , Countess face broke into a satisfied smile . It seems that all its affairs are arranged well.

Gods really good care about her. And how zavazhnichal young driver when it zazvali him to bed ! Born this baby , would buy off the insolent scoundrel , who certainly began to blackmail her with his fatherhood ! Now everything is going well, because the coachman drove Adam and long distance driving corrode top of her womb hateful child.

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If repeated contractions and her hopes are fulfilled, it will arrive in Helena has no problem in the stomach and , with a clear conscience can reclaim its rightful place in the marriage bed next to Adam.
Only at the time.

Great dinner in the lodge had a festive character of Adam : dishes prepared numerous relatives who are now agreed , in order to welcome the Count in his own village . Conversations revolved around language absarokskom upcoming hunting buffalo and Flora understood a lot , although from time to time slipped new and incomprehensible to her expression.
During the summer months, the father , Alan Douglas and well mastered absarokskoe adverb and spoke it quite fluently , so Flora was to turn to for help in case of trouble .
Spring woman named Lily . At the moment, she was a widow and her children Adam obviously treated with great care .
Flora told myself to suppress jealousy and steadfastly kept in continued long – predlinnogo evening without giving vent bad feelings . How to vid chat on babblesex.

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