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“…. Do the people have the right to complain about the cancer?

After all, this bo ¬’s disease – a reflection of ourselves: it shows us our behavior, our arguments ¬ you and … end of the road. People ¬ formation forms a cancer … because they themselves have cancer.

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It should not run ¬ give and understand, to learn to understand ourselves. ….. ”
In conclusion, I want to tell you a parable that explains a lot: “Once upon a time ….. old Indian told his grandson one vital truth.
Within each person is a struggle, much like the struggle between two wolves.

One wolf is evil – envy, jealousy, sorrow, selfishness, ambition, lies, corruption, perversion. Another wolf is good – peace, love, hope, courtesy, truth, goodness, faithfulness the truth of God.

Little Indian, touched to the core words of his grandfather, thought for a few moments, and then asked: – And what a wolf wins in the end? Face of an old Indian touched faint smile and he replied: – Always wins the wolf that you feed ….. “.
That’s all I wanted to tell you in their history, the people be reasonable and appreciate what you granted GOD!!

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Thank you for your understanding and happiness to you!! Free sex game webcam.

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