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Broadcast from ipad sex chat. But Absaroka -aimed shots stacked storhemtsev that hurrying away with Adam inadvertently stuck out because of the carts , and because of the rocks and even jumped in full growth.
Adam safely returned to his , to turn around and have other riders to rush the enemy.

But then something unexpected happened .
Through the noise of a fierce firefight when he heard shots from the other side , where his people were not. Someone fired storhemtsev .
Adam motioned to postpone the attack and jumped for cover behind boulders .
There he quickly jumped off his horse and flung himself between Lance and James , who with surprised faces watched the confusion in the enemy camp .
- What’s happening? – Adam asked James. – What a strange firing ? Who is helping us ?
James pointed to vzgorok on the southern flank of defense storhemskoy already significantly denuded pedantic fire unexpected helpers.

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- Look there , on the left – he said to Adam – About halfway down the hill. They sat down somewhere and mow dozen mercenaries !
- Damn her ! – Quick-witted Adam exclaimed , looking into the sun out of your hands on the specified vzgorok . – Taki was !
But he was not really angry – on his lips played a cheerful smile . Adam was still overheated that just pranced in a hail of bullets and showed his contempt Storhemu .
- Looks like Flora brought a Coy what reinforcements – hear how densely shoot ! Well done ! Asked the heat these rascals ! Look like bandits busybodies like get away in a panic !
Indeed, almost all shots Florin satellites reach the goal : the enemy was in front of them at a glance – storhemtsy not think about protection from the south , for not expecting an attack from that side . Broadcast from ipad sex chat.

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