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- Maxim, you can?
- Of course, Nari, what happened?
I looked at her maid.

For his thirty-two years, she looked much younger. Not as beautiful as May, Nari, however, was very sweet.
- Maxim, I need to talk to you.
I am wary.

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Is now offer? Or maybe she proznala about our connection with May? In any case, I tried to look cool.

- I listen Nari. What do you want?
- Maxim … You would not want to marry me?
I was literally taken aback by such a question her maid.

It was not a question, it was a bomb! This I certainly did not expect to hear from Nari.
- Marry??? – I could not hide his surprise and bewilderment.
- Yes, marry.

I think that by joining me in a marriage, you would be more comfortable with my daughter. You could open a walk with her, go to visit her in a boarding house, take it with you on trips and visits. You could adopt her and never parted.

And I … I would continue to care for you, look after the house, well, if you wanted to engage in sex with you.
I was shocked. I swept the emotions.

She knows! But how? How did she know? Who told her???
- I know what you’re thinking, Maxim.

May she told me all about a week ago. She loves you and you love her. I do not know whether it is possible to love in twelve years, but she loves.

She writes poems to you, always thinking of you, miss. And masturbates too, thinking of you. Once she had lost her father, I would not want to, and you lost it.

Interesting … Leaves, Nari offers me to become a father and a lover of his daughter.
- That she invited me to speak to you and offer to become your wife.

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