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A few seconds later , Adam was alone with his wife . Second time in a month.

Now he does not need to hide his anger. Fists clenched graph , in the eyes flashed anger.
- Yes, you can shoot me going ? – Mockingly asked Isolde , with quiet hatred looking him straight in the eye .
- Flashed a thought – Adam admitted . – Many of my friends believe that this is the easiest way out.

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- Above all, James . Stinker . And you certainly are not going to shoot . You have a moral being .
- The two of us at least someone should be aware of morality.
- Fie, philistine virtues never attracted me !
- Family Serre above thy Isolde . A ” petty bourgeois virtues ” , however, we never neglected.

But we will not go into the philosophical matter. I came to say : Get out of Montana and never come back here .
- In your dreams ! I am your lawful wife , Adam, and as such can not be with you . Do not think that you can manage in a jiffy to get rid of me.

I undertook the journey exhausting in the heat and dust not to immediately go back. By the way, last week I was at the ranch and took some of their belongings. Looks like you ‘ve been there quite a while not . Mrs. McLeod , as usual, I met with hostility.

- She understands what you are rubbish – Adam muttered . – I’m surprised that you even allowed on the doorstep !
- I said that I looked for a few hours .
- You and Helene long probudesh – Adam said firmly . – I want you to come back to Europe.
- What a masterful become! .. I’m afraid I can not adapt to your desires . Webcam chat guest teen.

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