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- I’m going to shower and then sleep!
And gone!

- Did you see what she was doing!? I asked Lisa.
- She wants you! Said Lisa
- Nonsense! ‘I replied.
- Come smoke!?

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Invited Lisa.
And we went to smoke behind the barn! Shower incidentally was next!

Lisa was drunk and laughed out loud! Suddenly I heard in my heart stopped flowing! And mom went completely naked in the foam!
- What are you doing here!?

Sprsil mom.
- I smoke! Lisa said!

I was shocked, my mother was embarrassed by what I see her naked! Lisa was always laughing!
- Come here! Mom said.
We came up, I looked at her body and wanted her!

Yes, I would like them both! Shall not all the same, I’ll fuck them (I thought)! Mom continued to pretend to stand naked in front of me is in order!
- Lisa, go fetch a drink! Mom said.

And Lisa is gone! Mom looked at me!
- I have a beautiful body!? Mother asked.
- Very, beautiful!

Barely I replied.
she came Blish, put his hand in my pants and kissed, I was taken aback, but I fuck her like this and act posstaralsya her.
- He’s so big you become! Mom said.
- Yeah! ‘I replied with a smile.

She took my hand and we went into the shower! Shower we had a large waiting room with!
- I’ll go home! ‘I said.

- No, my mother cried.
- You’re naked! ‘I said.
- And that!? Mother asked.
- You do not mind!?

I asked.
She laughed Where Lisa (I thought)!? Then Lisa came back with alcohol, we drank two glasses!
- Undress! Mom said

And Lisa started to undress!
- Why!? I asked.
- In the shower go! Mom said.

And here they are naked, I’d undressed immediately, if there was just Lisa, without a mother! Teen video cam chat.

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