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Today, going on a date with me and knowing what effect you make on me with their appearance after work mchishsya home to take a shower and put on my needs proper clothes.

Time fees are not so much, but available at your disposal three hours (well, that was a little work today, and released early), allow you to thoroughly prepare for a romantic evening in a cafe and itself implies the continuation in some cozy hotel room.
Once home, you found her favorite son Roman house, as always engaged in the computer, kiss him on the cheek, “Rum, honey, you’re all the time for this computer, you do nothing and no longer interested?”
- Interested, Mom, do not worry.

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And what are you doing up so early?
- Work was little, and I have a meeting. In the cafe going.
- With George?
- Yes, who else.

What, are you against it?
- No, of course. He’s cool and I like it.

Besides you have a long-standing friendship. Just you look at him as much time you spend instead find yourself a man.
- In what sense?
- I mean, you’re still a young woman, very attractive, and all one and one.

I think you do not have enough male attention, well, there are various shots, and he, as you say, just a friend, although I suspect you love him. Or am I mistaken?
- Look, what you have me smart. Where did you get it?
- Just so you’re always ready to meet with him.

- How so?
- I would say not as a mere friend with whom just nice to sit in a cafe. Usually you try to give a more sexy look than usual look.
- And you think that I usually look sexy?

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